4 Best LLC Services Available Online (Pick the Best One for You!)

Best LLC Services: If you’re running on a track to grab the best LLC service in Connecticut, you might happen upon numerous LLC routes with maximum facilities.

It may seem easy to register an LLC in CT, but actually, the process has a few suspicions involved. Most of the entrepreneurs do not want to file an LLC themselves but also lack a sufficient budget.

So, to save your precious time searching the Internet, and as per a customer’s convenience, we have compiled an article that will help choose from 4 top-rated LLC services out of 35 we went through. But before going into details, let’s quickly compare these 4 LLC services.

Quick Comparison Table

  • Rank
  • Editor's Rating
  • Cheapest Package Price
  • Registered Agent Service Price
  • Available in All 50 State
  • Free Registered Agent
  • Operating Agreement Fee
  • EIN Fee
  • Processing Time
    This is the time the service provider takes to prepare or file your documents.
  • Expert Opinion
  • Promo Code


$49Plus State Fee
  • #1
  • $49
  • $99/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $35
  • $70
  • 1 Business Day


$0Plus State Fee
  • #2
  • $0
  • $119/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $40
  • $70
  • 1 Business Day


$225Plus State Fee
  • #3
  • $225
  • $125/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $50
  • $50
  • 1 Business Day

Inc Authority

$0Plus State Fee
  • #4
  • $0
  • $99/Annum
  • For 1 Year
  • $89
  • $49
  • 1 Business Day

Now you can find all-inclusive details below on the four most reliable LLC services in Connecticut with the top-notch features they offer.

Let us discuss them one by one, outlining their claim to fame and how the company can promote your business with its services. So walk-in then!

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Overviewing the 4 Best LLC Services (Comparison)

After wrestling with the comparison table, we better overview the four well-known LLC services in the industry, as verdicts how entrepreneurs and startups overview these services.

  • ZenBusiness: Fantastic LLC service that is our top recommendation
  • IncFile: Falls in the best-priced companies.
  • Northwest: Having the most experience of all!
  • Inc. Authority: Holds the most positive reviews.

4 Best LLC Formation Services in Connecticut (Reviewed & Rated)

With this in-depth review of the best LLC service in CT, you can easily decide which one is the most suitable for your startup.

Although these LLC services are selected considering the State of Connecticut in mind, yet these 4 services are best enough even if you’re living in any other state.

So let’s get start.

  1. ZenBusiness (Highly Suggested)
  2. IncFile
  3. Northwest Registered Agent
  4. Inc. Authority
Our Top Recommendation

1. ZenBusiness

In a short duration of five years, ZenBusiness actively managed to stand among the top LLC providers in Connecticut.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ZenBusiness has earned the confidence of zillions of entrepreneurs by offering them outstanding services, boosting up their new business.

There is no point in a discussion about why people prefer ZenBusiness over others. Zenbusiness LLC service always makes sure to satisfy their customers, offering them enhanced features.

For a good start for your company, we’d recommend you to read the ins and outs of ZenBusiness below:

Pros and Cons


  • Have thousands of positive feedbacks
  • Offers the best reasonable LLC packages
  • Several add-ons without paying extra charges
  • Pro package guarantees the submitting of annual documents and reports
  • Advanced registered agent service
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Warns a customer of all the requisite target dates


  • No customer service on weekends
  • Turnaround times have a little ambiguity

Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness ranks among the best LLC companies providing a free first year of their registered agent service. A responsible registered entity will look after all of your business paperwork and work to inform you of the crucial deadlines.

Having a registered agent service with ZenBusiness would be one of your best decisions so far. After your first year is complete, you can get a renewal of the service at the rate of $99 per annum that is far less than many other competitors in the U.S. state, Connecticut.

Pricing & Packages

ZenBusiness set the most affordable prices that have attracted millions of customers since 2015. All three packages stand distinct from one another so that you can pick anyone according to your budget. Let’s have a look!

Starter: ZenBusiness basic/starter package initiates from as low as $49 that is paid every year. The functions performed with this package include registered agent service, operating agreement, LLC formation, official filing, accounting, and income tax details, etc.

Pro: This package is the most purchased from ZenBusiness with a price of $199 per year. All features from the starter package are included in it, plus an addition of a few more, such as:

1.  Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

2.  Offers Worry-Free Compliance

3.  Expedition of Filing Services

4.  Customized Banking Resolution etc.

Premium: It is so far the leading one among all in ZenBusiness packages, charging a price of $299 every year.

Premium package consists of all the features offered in the starter and pro packages with some excellent facilities, including the filing of a business domain name, expedited order speed, and allotting an official email address plus website.

Fantastic Customer Reviews

In this era where everyone tends to cheat the customers, it’s really hard to find an authentic company with good reviews. ZenBusiness worked day and night to build a good reputation. It has, now, hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients in Connecticut with positive reviews.

Going through a few of them, we realized that customers are much appreciating its LLC service packages and incredible customer support, answering them whenever they call.

Their Badge of Honor

People are sometimes astounded by ZenBusiness, providing all of the essential features at an affordable range.

But, to let you know, ZenBusiness smartly stepped into the market of Connecticut and put a bunch of effort to understand technology.

Besides professionally commanding the LLC formation procedures, it also made a name in recurring compliance services.

Moreover, the company attracts many customers by displaying different discounted deals. So why wouldn’t a person want to grab their incredible services?

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Best-Priced LLC Service Companies

2. IncFile

Entrepreneurs facing a low budget these days can blindly trust IncFile for the formation of their LLCs.

Although the company didn’t establish decades ago, it still has gained good experience and provided LLC services to almost 75,000 businesses so far. Reading the IncFile’s detail below will put you up to understand why this company is ranked as #3 in Connecticut.

Pros and Cons


  • Almost 15 years of experience with a good repute
  • Falls in cost-effective range
  • The entity timely notifies you of all the deadlines
  • Brilliant customer service
  • Hundreds and thousands of good reviews
  • Free one year of registered agent service


  • Involves third parties
  • The platinum package is pricey

Registered Agent Service

As other companies like ZenBusiness, IncFile also offers a free 12 months of Connecticut registered agent service for the people of Connecticut. After the year completes, customers only have to pay a recharge price of $119 every year that is entirely upon them. A registered agent service by IncFile performs all of its functions. Be it handling the legal business documents or keeping a check on important deadlines.

Pricing & Packages

Overall prices and packages are reasonable for most customers, but of course, it may vary as per a customer’s budget. Usually, there are three IncFile packages, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each one has its specific traits, so let’s have a look!

Silver: The best part of this package is that it’s free of cost, excluding the state charges. Whatever necessary features used to form an LLC are available in IncFile’s silver plan. The services include preparing & filing the articles of organization, tax consultation, giving an online portal for your documents, free one year of registered agent service, deadline notifications, patent search, etc.

Gold: Coming for $149 and state fee in Connecticut, the Gold package covers all of the Silver’s features plus opening a bank account facility, S Corporation, operating agreements for an LLC, and facilitating with an EIN.

Platinum: This appears to be an expensive package charging 299 USD and the state fee for a year. Yet, there are more features included as well. Platinum package has all of the above facilities, along with an addition of creating a business website and domain name for a customer, and a step up filing of paperwork.

Extensive Key Features

The company doesn’t end up facilitating the people of Connecticut with their packages. They also contribute to some add-ons.

If a customer wants to buy, IncFile offers other services too, such as express delivery for your documents, a customized binder having your official business name, a federal tax ID number, and if applicable, S Corporation for taxation election too.

Their Badge of Honor

IncFile is the top choice of entrepreneurs requiring to get their orders in a single working day as they excel in the fast filing.

Such efforts are much appreciated in Connecticut as there are many other LLC companies with the best features but not processing the orders on time. They either charge an extra amount for fast delivery or don’t ensure a particular turnaround time.

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Most Experienced Choice

3. Northwest Registered Agent

If we had to recommend the best LLC service after ZenBusiness in the states of the U.S, it is definitely the Northwest Registered Agent company.

The company not only beats the game for LLC services but also excels in establishing Incorporation organizations. What makes it stand at the second top is its exorbitant prices. To know more about Northwest’s extensive features and their approach towards the clients, continue reading below:

Pros and Cons


  • You’ll receive one year of free registered agent service
  • Takes good care of a customer’s privacy
  • They do not partner with the third parties
  • An outstanding client support
  • Have maximum favorable comments
  • Fast filing according to the state


  • Costly for most customers

Registered Agent Service

A customer can completely get satisfied with Northwest Registered Agent Service as they propose a free first year of it. Considering its elite services, the company charges a renewal cost of $125 every year, which is very reasonable.

Moreover, in a market of dozens of big LLC companies, Northwest registered agents are the only ones scanning your business documents after they receive them. It seems a bonus point for the company attracting many customers to its services.

Pricing & Packages

As discussed earlier as well, the company has the highest prices of all! But you will never regret spending on Northwest to form an LLC, as they sincerely provide the best quality services.

Still, if it doesn’t fit your budget, you have the option to choose any one service you require. Be its formation of an LLC service, registered agent service, or LLC filing services, etc. Either chose all or go for anyone!

The company offers its full services in only a single package, costing you $225 excluding the state fee. This expensive Northwest package covers the features like the free first year of registered agent service, fast filing, operating agreement, business name availability check, drafting your documents, etc.

Additional Services: Apart from the above features, Northwest offers numerous add-ons, such as a Federal Tax ID Number for $50, an extra mobile number for $9, IRS for an amount of $50, and much more.

Great Customer Support

People in Connecticut applaud the excellent Northwest customer service. We did thorough research to grab all of the reviews and feedback from the particular state.

A team of highly qualified staff and guides are available for your support any time and every time.

Their Badge of Honor

One might find their punch line, “WE ARE JUST NOT ANNOYING,” a bit informal, but Northwest genuinely prefers its customer’s ease and satisfaction, which is very uncommon nowadays. In Southern New England, the company made sure to specify two steps for a new customer.

They clear all the confusion by précising their prices and features, so you don’t have to waste your time. Once you’re done choosing the Northwest service, the order processing takes just 10-15 minutes.

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Overall Positive Choice

4. Inc. Authority

Founded in 1989, Inc. Authority formed the LLCs for more than 130,000 new businesses along with gaining their good reviews. It has a similar free LLC facility as of the IncFile, which is truly a claim to fame.

Still, the company is not that user-accommodating as other contenders in Connecticut but offers you numerous LLC benefits within a short budget. Let’s move towards the details then!

Pros and Cons


  • One of the two companies providing free LLC facility
  • Offers a discount code of up to 20%
  • Comes with easy to form packages
  • Free 12 months of registered agent services
  • Best client support
  • 3000+ positive feedbacks


  • No refund policy launched
  • Pricey premium package

Registered Agent Service

They offer unique registered agent services than others. After you chose to get LLC services from Inc. Authority, they themselves act as your agent for a year rather than allotting an agent.

After you get satisfied with their services, you can pay the recharge price, solely upon your decision. Inc. Authority may vary their service prices with time, but they will always remain determined to provide you with the best they have.

Pricing & Packages

Inc. Authority differs in prices as per its packages. So, there are four major packages offered in Connecticut, depending upon the services they acquire. Let’s find out more about it.

Free: As the name shows, it is completely free of cost except for a few changes as per your state. All the necessary features to form a new LLC are available, such as business name accessibility check, preparation & filing of organization articles, transparent verifications, S-Corporation, and free registered agent service for one year.

Starter: One has to pay 399 USD to get facilities of the Inc. Authority Starter package. You will receive all features from the basic package with additions like EIN code formation, membership certificates, record book, business binder, and LLC operating agreement.

Executed: As the price extends to $499, so do its features. This Executed package is purchased by entities demanding a business website and official license reports, along with all the above services.

Tycoon: This package is expensive of all, for $799 and a state fee. Along with features from the above plans, Tycoon consists of express delivery and BizCredit Express options.

Incredible Customer Service

Since the time Inc. Authority came into existence, it worked hard to provide its customers with excellent support.

They are available all time day, excluding weekends. The company put a lot of effort into creating a team of highly professional staff who is always online to solve your queries.

Their Badge of Honor

Inc. Authority can be a top choice for business entities worried about their low budget. The moment of glory for this company is that it is one of the only two authorities offering free LLC formation services in Connecticut.

Keeping this in mind, one should also realize that he/she has to pay extra to receive the company’s additional services.

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Overview of A Few Additional LLC Service Providers

All of the four LLC services explained above are ruling the industry in Connecticut these days, and most people tend to choose them. But to get to a conclusion, we’d recommend you to overview some extra LLC companies too. Here we have listed a few of them.

  • LegalZoom
  • Rocket Lawyer
  • Incorporate.com
  • MyCorporation

5. LegalZoom LLC Service

If you are one of those new entrepreneurs wanting to grab the best LLC services for a smaller unit, LegalZoom can be a great option to consider. The company offers its LLC services, particularly limited to a smaller business.

Another essential point making them worth an alternative is that they fulfill the commitments on time. You can conveniently get LLC benefits within your low-price budget.

One can grab the best of LegalZoom’s services, including creating a new business account, drafting & filing the business documentation, hire a professional lawyer, get a registered company trademark, receive customized legal paperwork, and so on.

Read our full LegalZoom LLC Review Here.

6. Rocket Lawyer LLC Service

Despite being a new LLC company in Connecticut, Rocket Lawyer managed to perform its services within a short turnaround time and has served over 20 million new businesses till now.

This company can be enlisted in the best LLC services with more than 13 years of experience and maximum positive comments.

The key features of Rocket Lawyer are the formation of an LLC, getting a professional attorney for your official papers, business profit, and corporation, etc. They are responsible enough to form LLC contracts and legal documents on time. To read more about them, visit the official Rocket Lawyer website.

Read our full Rocket Lawyer Review Here.

7. Incorporate.com LLC Service

Incorporate.com is by far the oldest LLC company, established in 1899. With over many decades of struggle, the company expertise in providing the best LLC services, fulfilling the demands of more than 7,50,000 business units.

Having the benefit of more experience, incorporate.com is surely going to boost up your new business sales. Let us quickly review the services it offers:

There are a total of three packages, such as Starter, Essentials, and the Work package. Along with varying prices, the packages differ in their key features too.

The starter is a basic package consisting of all necessary services at $99. Furthermore, Essential costs you $249 whereas Work charges 349 USD.

8. MyCorporation LLC Service

This company is highly suggested for enterprises demanding all essential services at an affordable price. For more than twenty years of experience in Connecticut, the company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs with its best-limited liability companies (LLCs) formation.

Along with the formation of business services, MyCorporation aims at offering a yearly report of your business documents.

Like other top LLC companies in Connecticut, MyCorporation also covers four packages, including the basic, standard, deluxe, and premium package.

Starting from a cost of $99 for the basic package, it extends to $124 for standard, $224 for deluxe, and a yearly rate of $334 for the premium package with the most advanced features.

ZenBusiness PBC: Our Most Favorite LLC Service in CT

Each one of the top four LLC services for Connecticut discussed above holds its own importance and uniqueness.

Even the alternatives discussed are easy to use and very budget-friendly, so any new business owner can purchase its services. Yet, the publisher’s and customer’s top recommendation has always been ZenBusiness.

It is indeed the best LLC service, top-rated by business experts and other entities. According to customer surveys and positive feedback in Connecticut, ZenBusiness ranks highest with a score of 4.9/5. To know more details, you can directly visit the website too.