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Dairy - Milk Examiner License
Application for license to weigh, sample and test milk
> Agriculture, Department of > Initial
Egg Grading Plant Registration
Application for operation of egg grading plant
> Agriculture, Department of > Initial
Food and Non Alcoholic Beverages
Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Licensing
> Consumer Protection, Department of > Initial
Food Service Inspector Certification
To certify local health department food service inspectors.
> Public Health, Department of > Initial
Liquor Permits
Liquor and temporary permits
> Consumer Protection, Department of > Initial
Qualified Food Operator Testing Organization Approval
To ensure testing organizations demonstrate responsibility for all aspects of the testing system from test development through test administration as required by PHC Sections 19-13-B42, 19-13-B48, and 19-13-B49.
> Public Health, Department of > Initial
Sales and Use Tax Permit
Permit to sell goods and taxable services; lease and/or rent tangible personal property.
> Revenue Services, Department of > Initial
Weights & Measures Licensing
Any weighing or measuring instruments or devices  used in checking the receipt or disbursement of supplies.  Also includes dealers, repairers and public weighers
> Consumer Protection, Department of > Initial

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