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Operating Stationary Engineer - Initial

License Overview
Applicable to: Individuals who manipulate, adjust, control and monitor heating, air conditioning, refrigeration systems and boilers
Description: Operating Stationary Engineer:   The holder of this license may perform operation related work including manipulation, adjustment, control and monitoring of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and boilers.
Statute: Section 20-330(5)
Transaction Type: Initial
Duration: Annual
Prerequisites: Successfully pass examinisation as administered through PSI licensure:certification (

Required Documentation:

See application.

Other Information:
  • Once applicaiton requirements are met, PSI will issue an Examination Eligibility postcard.  Fill out PSI registration form: online(no waiting period), mail (2 weeks), fax (4 business days), phone (no waiting period).
Applications, Forms & Other: Online Renewal
Opertaing Stationary Engineer Application
Related Fees
Application Fee: Contractor $150.00; Journeyperson $90.00; Dealer-Tech $200.00; Technician $80.00; Stationary Engineer $90.00; Driller (any type) $88.00
Fee Exemptions:
Agency Information
Agency: Consumer Protection, Department of
Phone: 860-713-6135
Mailing Address: Department of Consumer Protection, Occupational and Professional Trades Division, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
Email Address:
Agency Notes:
Other Agency Information
Agency: PSI licensure:certification
Comments: Department of Consumer Protection has contracted with PSI to conduct its examination program.

Last Updated: 8/21/2014             Created: 2/11/2009

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