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Do tax preparers require a license?

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According to the Connecticut State Board of Accountancyy, tax preparers (third party / bulk filers) are not required to be certified public accountants.  However, the tax preparer is not permitted to represent themselves as certified public accountants or professional accountants which are licensed through the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy. Contact the agency: 860-509-6179 or or visit

Register with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services as a Third Party/Bulk Filer (TPBF).  Contact the agency: 800-382-9463 (Connecticut only), (860) 297-5962 or ir visit

Note: Persons registered as Third Party/Bulk Filers are not given the authority to act as agents of the Department of Revenue Services.

According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Services (IRS), federal tax return preparers will be required to obtain a preparer tax identification number (PTIN).  Additional regulations for preparers who are not attorneys, public accountants and enrolled agents, are being considered including competency tests and continued professional education.  For more information please review  Publication 4832, Return Preparer Review.

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