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Licensing requirements for bakeries?

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Bakeries are required to obtain a bakery license through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection.  Additionally, the agency requires a frozen dessert retailer license and scales to be registered (ensure that the scales used to weigh the food are properly registered).  Contact the agency: (860) 713-6160 or or visit

It is suggested to obtain a Food Service Certification.  For more information please check with the local health department in addition to planning and zoning officials and fire marshal.

Additionally, the Department of Public Health (DPH) provides information on the Food Protection Program. Contact the agency: (860) 509-7297 or visit

Food produced and packaged requires food labeling which is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Food and Drug Compliance Division. Smaller businesses with low volume may apply for a labeling exemption.  Contact the agency at 718-279-1675 or 888-463- 6332 or e-mail or visit  In addition, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection can provide direction.  Call 860-713-6167 or visit

According to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS), the sale of most food items is subject to sales tax. Therefore, restaurants need to file for a sales and use tax certificate.  File REG-1 (online, mail).  If buying products from a wholesaler/distributor for the purpose of resale, restaurants need to acquire a resale certificate. For more information review Policy Statement 2002(2) Sales and Use Tax on Meals or contact the agency at 1-800-382-9463 (instate only)/860-297-5962 or or visit     

Contact the Connecticut Licensing Info Center ( to learn about further registration considerations. 1-800-392-2122 or Contact form.

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